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Fun Games

Fun Stuff

Odd One Out
Can you find the object that doesn't belong?

Catch That Mouse Game
Those mice are everywhere.  As soon as you enter the page, they scatter and hide.  You can catch one if you try.

Play Tic-Tac-Toe with BlackDog
Play Tic-Tac-Toe against BlackDog.  This one is really fun!  It keeps track of your score, too.

Simon Says Game
How is your memory?  Play Simon Says against the computer and find out.

Simon Says Game #2
This memory game is pretty cool.  There are lots of bells and beeps, so turn on your speakers.

Matching Games

Matching Games

Color Match Game #1
Have fun matching all the colors.  A Java-enabled web browser is needed to play this game.

Color Match Game #2
More fun color matching.  If you can't play with Java applets, this one's for you.

Shapes Matching Game
Have fun matching all the shapes.

Cartoon Pictures Match Game

Goofy Pictures Match Game

Fun Things to Do

Fun Things to Do
Farm Animal Sounds
Visit Aunt Jessie's farm.
Hear what her farm animals have to say.
Not really a game, but it's fun.

Wild Animal Sounds
Hear what the wild animals have to say.
More fun animal sounds.

Name that Animal
Match the animal's name to its picture.  Hear the animal sounds, too.

Let your imagination go wild with Imagination.  You can't win or lose.  Just have fun making some cool pictures with your mouse.

BlackDog's Graffiti Wall
Ever want to draw on a wall?
Here's your chance.  Nobody will be angry either.

Coloring Books
Don't miss BlackDog's Coloring Books.  There are lots of neat pictures to color on line and lots of pictures to download and color off line.  Download all of them to have fun coloring off line.  While you're there, be sure to visit BlackDog's Internet Refrigerator.

BlackDog's Refrigerator Stickers
BlackDog's Refrigerator is looking bare these days.  Have fun sticking some pictures on it.


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