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BlackDog's Christmas Fun and Games

BlackDog's Christmas Image Maker

Create some Christmas images for your holiday party with BlackDog's Christmas image maker.  You can make some cool text, too.  Scroll down on this page to "How it works" for instructions and other information.

Text Color: 
Choose a Font: 
Font Size (pixels): 
Image Background:  
Image Background Color: 

How it works:

Type one or more letters or numbers into the text box.  Choose a color, font, font size, transparent or solid background, and image background color (if you decided on a solid background).  Then click the "Create Image" button.  An image will be created for you to save to your computer.  There several different fonts, so scroll up and down the drop-down list to test them all.  Or, check out the font maps.

Note:  If you get an odd character in your image - like a vertical rectangle - it means that letter or character is not available in the font you chose.  Either pick another letter or character in its place, or choose a different font.  Plus, with some fonts, you'll get words instead of an image.  To test all the fonts without having to create images for each one, see the font maps for each of the different fonts.

To save your Christmas image, right click on it and choose "Save As" - or check the help files in your web browser for how to save an image to your computer.  The name of the image might be long and weird, so you might want to give the image a new name.  In the "Save As" box, choose whatever you want, just keep the ".png" on the end.  For example:  "text-dtg.png" -- type your own name for the image where it says "text-dtg.png."  Of course, you may save it with the default name if you don't mind your image being overwritten each time you create a new one.

Important:  You may not link directly to any image you create.  You must download your creation to your own computer or to some other image storage place.  The images are deleted every night.  If you do try to hot link to the image you create, you will get a surprise.

When you use the images you create on your own pages, please acknowledge where you got it and add a link back to BlackDog:  http://blackdog.net/.

Many thanks to Kat's Fun Fonts for many of these cool fonts.  You can tell which fonts are Kat's by the "KR" in the font name.

If you like this, check out BlackDog's Graffiti Writer for lots more possibilities.

BlackDog's Christmas Fun and Games


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