Feed the Hungry Ghost!

BlackDog says, "Hurry!"  This ghost is starving!

(A java-enabled web browser is required to play.)

This ghost is starving!
But you still have to wait for the images to load.
(Watch the status line on your web browser.
When it says "Done" you will know it's time to start.)
To feed the ghost, click on a piece of candy corn and drag it to the ghost's mouth.  To find more ghost food, try clicking on the cat or the bat.  To find out if the ghost likes his ghost food, click on his mouth.

If the ghost or the candy seems to get "stuck," first click again on the piece of candy.  If that doesn't work, hit "Reload" or "Refresh" on your web browser.

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BlackDog says, "Thanks!" to Cole Roberts for his help with this game.

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