Find The Mystery Message

What happened. . . .

On Halloween night, the Ghosties woke up from their nap late. BlackDog couldn't wait to for them to go Trick or Treating, but he did want to leave them a special message!

So . . . BlackDog wrote the Ghosties a mystery message using these grocery bags for the clues. On each bag BlackDog wrote one word and then erased one letter from each word.

Can you help the Ghosties find BlackDog's Mystery Message?

How? Figure out which letters are missing from each of the words. Then, type those letters into the spaces with the matching number in area below the picture.

When you're done, the message will appear.

Hint: All of the words are about Halloween.

The Ghosties and the Clues

- - - -
6 9 - 7 0 8 9 - 0 4 5 - 2 0 3 9 - 8 1 4

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