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BlackDog's Halloween Party


BlackDog's Halloween Party

How to Play:
Find the words in the jumbled letters.  To select a word you've found, set your cursor at the beginning of the word, hold your mouse button down, and "drag" to the end of the word.  When you let the button up, if you've selected the right word, it will remain circled and disappear from the list on the right.

Words can be found spelled horizontally, vertically, diagonally, forward, or backward.  They'll always be in a straight line.

If the word list gets scrambled, just click the "Find Words" button and the words will become clear again.  If you completely are stuck and can't find a word, click on the word in the list and then click the "Find Words" button.  The pesky word will be circled for you automatically.  But that would be cheating, right?

After you've found all of the words, mix them up and try again or choose another word search topic from the main word search page.  There is no time limit and you can play as many times as you like.  Enjoy!

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Thanks to Eric Harshbarger for BlackDog's word search applet.