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Valentine's Day is coming soon!
Are you ready?

Valentine Word Games
Play cool Valentine word games and read a Valentine story -- starring You!

Valentine Jokes & Riddles
Tickle your sweetheart with some cool Valentine jokes.

Create Valentine Banners and Images
Need an image for your Valentine project?  Make your own on-line right here.

Unbreak My Heart
Put BlackDog's broken heart back together and see what happens.

Unbreak My Really Badly Broken Heart
Put BlackDog's smashed and stomped-on broken heart back together.

Valentine Bingo
Have fun at your Valentine party with BlackDog's cool Valentine Bingo.  Don't miss BlackDog's Valentine Words Bingo for even more Valentine fun.

Valentine Puzzles
Lots of fun Valentine puzzles to play on-line and to download and play off-line.

Valentine Mazes
Print out and play BlackDog's 16 different heart-shaped Valentine Mazes.

Drag/Drop Heart Tic-Tac-Toe
Print/Play Heart Tic-Tac-Toe

Valentine Coloring Book Pages
Print out and have fun coloring BlackDog's twelve different Valentine coloring book pages, or color on-line with BlackDog's Valentine Coloring Book.

Valentine Stereograms
Can you see what's hiding in the picture?  Here's a hint:  a Valentine word!  How many can you see?

The Valentine Match Game
Those hearts are everywhere.  Match them all up and you win.

Heart Breaker
Break a few hearts.  The more you break, the higher your score.  Be quick about it!

BlackDog's Valentine Kissing Test
Will you live in a castle or a swamp?  Gather up your courage and plant a kiss on the frog to find out how good you are at kissing!

Catch Cupid!
That little guy is a slippery fellow!  All you have to do is catch him with your mouse to win the game.

BlackDog's Valentine Game Downloads
Download and play BlackDog's most popular games off-line.  Only $2.00.

BlackDog's Valentine Love Fortune
Will two hearts beat as one this year?  Discover your love fortune here.

BlackDog's Valentine Promise Coupons
Give that someone special a coupon with your Valentine promise.

Valentine Fortune Cookie
Bake a giant fortune cookie for your sweetheart to say how much you care.

BlackDog's Valentine Heart Shapes
Need a few hearts?  There are 8 differently-colored hearts for you to print out and use for cards, decorations, a booklet, or even to write a little note to that special Valentine in your life.

Don't miss BlackDog Valentine's Day Shop for some great gift ideas.

Free Stuff!

Free Valentine Electronic Postcards
Send Valentine greetings to all your family and friends with a free electronic postcard.  There are two types:  Vintage & Cartoon cards or choose your own Valentine Stationery and create your own message.

Cool! - Tell your sweetheart I Love You in 30 different languages.  Enjoy!

Valentine's Day Screen Savers.  Available now!
This Valentine's Day, BlackDog is featuring five original Valentine screen savers.  The latest is BlackDog's Valentine Jokes and Riddles Screen Saver.  You'll love it!  Click here to choose yours and download them now.  For Windows operating systems.  Don't forget to come back and see the rest of BlackDog's Valentine fun.

Valentine Wallpaper.
Get in the mood for Valentine's Day by decorating your computer screen with BlackDog's free Computer Desktop Wallpaper!  BlackDog's even given you easy installation instructions.

Valentine Jigsaw Puzzles.
Download a free Valentine jigsaw puzzle to play off-line.  Each is small enough to fit onto a floppy diskette.  If you have a Java-capable web browser, you can play them on-line, too!


Other Valentine Sites
Other Valentine sites for you to explore.

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