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BlackDog at WorkWe get lots of mail from people who want to put a link to BlackDog on their web page.  We absolutely love that!  Go ahead.  Links to us are great.  We just ask that you follow some guidelines set out below.  Oh:  Don't forget to tell us so we can come visit your site, too. 

Note:  We do not allow framed linking (especially when there is an ad in the frame adjacent to our content).  And we don't allow hotlinking images from BlackDog.  If you would like to use one of the free banner images with your link, please download any images and upload them to your own server. 

Text Links to BlackDog

BlackDog loves text links -- they help us out with the search engines!  When you use an image, please put a text link by it in addition to the link on the banner.  If you'd like to know how to create the text link to BlackDog, or just have a text link without any image at all, here's the code:

<a href="">BlackDog - The Site for Kids!</a>

Graphic Links to BlackDog

We've set up some free images for you to use for your link.  You can choose any of the images from here:
BlackDog's Banners
BlackDog's Holiday Banners

Caution:  Please be patient when you go to see the banners.  There are lots of images and the pages will take a while to load.

You may download any image and use it on your web site.  Please do not link directly ("hotlink") to the images on BlackDog.  Calling an image from our site to yours ties up our server, slows everything down, and costs us visitors and money.

Remember:  Linking to BlackDog does not mean that BlackDog is giving permission to use the images, games, ideas, stories, or anything else on BlackDog on any other web site.  In fact, if you see someone who has taken things from BlackDog to use on another site, you can feel sure that BlackDog doesn't know about it.  Please let us know where and when you saw BlackDog's stuff so we can do something about it.  Thanks for helping.

Would you like to have a link from BlackDog to your site?  Here's how to do it.

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