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BlackDog's Postcards
Personalized Stationery

Can't find exactly the right message to express your thoughts? How about sending your message on personalized stationery? Just choose a background for your stationery, insert your name, type in your message, fill in the other info, and you're all set!
Note:  This won't work in old browsers. You need Netscape 4+ or Internet Explorer 3+. If you have an older web browser, send a card from BlackDog's Post Office instead.
STEP 1:   Select your Stationery
To preview the full-size image, click on the thumbnail (the small image on this page).





 Miss Kitty






 Lady Bug















STEP 2:  Type in today's date.

STEP 3:  Write your message.
NOTE:  Do not use quotation marks (". . .") in your message. 
Your message will disappear!

STEP 4:  Closing Greeting: 
Please fill in how you would like to sign your card. Examples would be:
  • Love,
  • Best Wishes,
  • Feel Better Soon!
STEP 5:  Your Name Here: 

STEP 6:  Address Your Message
Please check email addresses to make sure they are right.
Cards that are incorrectly addressed will not be received.
(Be sure to include the!)
Your Email Address: 

Your Friend's Name: 

Your Friend's Email Address: 
STEP 7:  Preview and Mail your message or Start Over.
Users of older versions of Internet Explorer beware:  Clicking your web browser's "Back" button after this point might erase your work.