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and wallpaper
Looking for screen savers, computer desktop wallpaper, coloring books?  They're here.  BlackDog's Internet Refrigerator has all kinds of things relating to art, images and graphics.  There are some fun games, too, like the Identi-Kit and refrigerator stickers.  And don't forget to download BlackDog to join you on your surfing adventure.

BlackDog's Graffiti WriterBlackDog's On-line Graffiti WriterOn-Line Graffiti Writer

Coloring and Drawing at BlackDog
Color on and off line with BlackDog's coloring book and coloring book pages.  Have some fun drawing free-style or on the graffiti wall.  You can also take a lesson in cartooning and learn how to draw BlackDog.
Have fun coloring.
BlackDog's Screen Saver Station
Don't miss the latest at Screen Saver Station.
Screen savers here
BlackDog's Computer Wallpaper
There are tons of images for your desktop here.  More are added regularly, so come back soon or you'll miss the latest.
BlackDog's Computer Desktop Wallpaper
The Weekly Woof
BlackDog's Weekly Woof is a cool original cartoon created just for BlackDog by Matt Bors, a nationally syndicated cartoonist.  Like kid jokes?  If you do, you'll love the Weekly Woof!  There's a new cartoon every Wednesday, so don't forget to bookmark the page.
Cool Comics for Kids
BlackDog's Refrigerator Stickers
Have fun sticking pictures on BlackDog's Internet Refrigerator.

BlackDog's Desktop Play Pal  Download BlackDog and have him sit on your desktop while you cruise around.  It's cool and lots of fun!

BlackDog's Identi-Kit Game
How good are you at remembering details?  Test your visual memory with the Identi-Kit Game.
BlackDog's Refrigerator Stickers
BlackDog's Monthly Calendar
Print out BlackDog's Monthly Calendar.  Every day the calendar's image will be different, so come back often to grab the latest calendar page.
BlackDog's Monthly Calendar to Print
BlackDog's Internet Refrigerator Slide Show
BlackDog's friends have drawn some neat pictures like this witch!  Click here to see the rest of them!
NOTE:  This is a slide show.  You do not need to do anything to make the pictures change if you don't want to.  Just sit back and enjoy the show.  If the show stops for some reason, hit "reload" or "refresh" on your web browser and the show should start up again.  When the slide show is over, you will be magically returned here to the Internet Refrigerator.
Start the Slide Show
Contributed by Brittany
Free clip art for your web page.
Making a web page is fun.  BlackDog has background sets for you to use to help you get going.
Free Clipart

BlackDog's Owner
Want to see a picture of the person who does all the work on BlackDog?  Here you go.

Mr. German's Art Class - click here for glass photos.


Slide show script courtesy of Dale Bewley and  Thanks Dale!

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