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BlackDog is a large, content-rich, family-friendly site consisting of several thousand web pages.  As of November, 2005, we currently have over 5 million page views per month with over 20,000 unique visitors each day.  Blackdog also enjoys a very strong presence with the search engines.  BlackDog's Google page rank is currently 6 and our Alexa ranking is currently 43,436.  The busiest time of year is October through March.

BlackDog offers the following advertising opportunities.  Prices are per month:
BlackDog's Basic Sponsorship

A text link from BlackDog to your site from any ONE of BlackDog's internal pages.  You may choose any page on BlackDog, except one of the main pages or one of the main holiday pages.
$50 - Apr. 1-Sept. 30
$100 - Oct. 1-March 30
BlackDog's Silver Sponsorship

A text link from BlackDog to your site from ONE of BlackDog's main pages.  Because of the heavy traffic volume during the holidays, each main holiday page, such as BlackDog's Christmas page, is considered a "main page" for advertising purposes.
$100 - Apr. 1-Sept. 30
$200 - Oct. 1-March 30
BlackDog's Gold Sponsorship

A text link from BlackDog to your site from EACH of BlackDog's main pages.
$250 - Apr. 1-Sept. 30
$500 - Oct. 1-March 30
BlackDog's Platinum Sponsorship

Platinum sponsorship consists of graphic banners:  A 468x60 or a 728x90 horizontal banner ad and/or a 160x600 or a 120x600 banner ad which will rotate in BlackDog's regular ad rotation from EACH of BlackDog's pages, site-wide.  Graphic banners are managed through BlackDog's regular advertising agency software.
$250 - Apr. 1-Sept. 30
$500 - Oct. 1-March 30
How will your text link look?
Look down on this page by the navigational links for the silver box to see an example.
If you are interested in text link sponsorship advertising, please send an email to .  You can have your text link sponsorship ads up by the end of the day.

Note:  BlackDog does not accept advertising that promotes alcohol or gambling, or that is suggestive or provocative, or contains other objectionable content.  Neither do we accept advertising that may lead to downloads which might contain spyware, adware or other types of harmful content.

BlackDog is not a links site and will put only two text links on any one page, other than pages clearly entitled links pages, such as this one

BlackDog's Main Pages:
The main pages are located from the navigational links on BlackDog which are on every page, site-wide.  To help you choose the best page for your text link, following is a list of the main pages on BlackDog with a short description of each:
  • Billy Beaver's Game Show  Anything that might be a game or like a game, even things like homework help and math worksheets, can be found from this page, including mazes, puzzles, card games and more.
  • BlackDog's Internet Refrigerator  Anything related to graphics can be found from this page, which is the jumping-off spot for things like screen savers, computer desktop wallpaper, drawing lessons, coloring book (on-line and downloads).
  • Miss Kitty's Story Book  Original stories, the Poetry Corner, tips on writing stories, and interactive stories are linked from this page.
  • BlackDog's Post Cards  Free e-cards.
  • Patty Parrot's Bird Brain Jokes  Hundreds of child-safe jokes spread out over many web pages.
  • Happy Holidays  Holidays are very big at BlackDog.  All the different holiday activities available on the site can be reached from this link.  Each of the main holiday pages, such as BlackDog's Halloween page or BlackDog's Christmas page, is considered a "main page" for advertising purposes.  Clicking on this link will show you the full list of holidays.
  • Kids  This page describes some of the main areas on BlackDog kids might enjoy, some that don't show up anywhere else, like RoboRocky's Jukebox.
  • Teens  This page links to some of the areas on BlackDog teens enjoy, including BlackDog's Graffiti Wall, which is very popular.
  • Grown Ups & Site Information  This page sets out pertinent information about the site, including BlackDog's Privacy Policy.
  • Search BlackDog  Search the site from this link.
  • Contact BlackDog  Tells people how to reach us.
  • You Belong at the Zoo  Animals are big at BlackDog and here's the starting point for all kinds of animal information, images, games, etc.
  • What's New  This link shows the most recent additions to the site.
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