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About the Games at Billy Beaver's Game Show
Arcade Games
Play Action/Arcade Games!
Action Games Here
Play Frogger, protect your cities with Missile Command, escape the monsters in Centipedo, or save the world from alien invaders in UFO Attack.  Play Catch Miss Kitty and Break-a-Brick, too.  Oh - Don't miss Falling Stars, either!  If you like action games, there are lots of them here.
The Puzzle-O-Rama
BlackDog's Puzzle-O-Rama
Play all kinds of puzzles on-line and off at the Puzzle-O-Rama.  Jigsaws, slides, drag & drop, and lots more.  Some are easy and some are hard.  Send a puzzle postcard or grab a free jigsaw puzzle to download and play off line.  And don't miss the Daily Puzzles  -  A different puzzle every day of the year.
Word Games
Lots of Fun Word Games
BlackDog's Word Games
At BlackDog, words dance, whirl, hide, hang themselves, get mixed up, encrypt and define themselves, get crossed up and more.  They do it daily, too.  Lots and lots and lots of word games to play on and off-line.  There's even a typing test.

Math & Science
Kids Math and Science Games
BlackDog's Math & Science Fun
Need some practice with math?  With BlackDog's Math Flash Cards you'll be a math wizard in no time.  Looking for Lemonade Stand or Math Bully?  They're here, too.

Or perhaps you need to know how many ounces in a gallon, feet in a mile, centimeters in a foot, or how many ounces in a kilogram?  Use BlackDog's Convert It Game to convert just about anything to just about anything else.
Cool original mazes at BlackDog's Maze-O-Rama
BlackDog's Maze-O-Rama
If you like mazes, this is the spot for you.  Play one of the on-line java maze games.  Or, print and play one of BlackDog's Print & Play Mazes.  You can even create your own unique maze with BlackDog's cool Maze Generator.
Card Games Card Games

Par-3 Solitaire
Have fun playing solitaire with a golf twist.

Solitaire Games
Like solitaire?  You're in the right place.  Choose one of BlackDog's 14 nifty solitaire games.  A Java-enabled web browser is needed to play.

BlackDog's Concentration or Goofy Pictures Concentration
The classic memory game!  Two very cool Java versions of this favorite game.

Board Games
Board Games
BlackDog's Board Games
All the fun board games are here.  Have some fun playing Cats and Ladders, Chess, Hotzee, and two different kinds of Checkers. 
Miscellaneous Games Miscellaneous Games Tic-Tac-Toe
Play Tic Tac Toe.  Look out!  This one is pretty hard.

Play Tic-Tac-Toe with BlackDog
Play Tic-Tac-Toe against BlackDog.  This one is really fun and it keeps track of your score.

Play Flash Tic-Tac-Toe
This one comes with neat sound effects.  It keeps score, too.

Play Dentist Tic-Tac-Toe
Brush those teeth and have some fun playing BlackDog's Dentist Tic-Tac-Toe game.

BlackDog's U.S.A. Presidents
Need to know who was the 12th President of the U.S.? How about a full list of the U.S. Presidents in order?  Lots of cool homework help.

BlackDog's U.S.A. States Trivia
Need to know the state bird of any of the U.S.A. states?  How about the state capital of each state, or each state's song or nickname?  Amaze your friends with your knowledge.

BlackDog's U.S.A. States Flashcards
Learn the state capital of each of the states of the U.S.A. with this fun flashcard applet.  There are free worksheets to download, too.

BlackDog's Simon Says Game
How is your memory?  Play Simon Says against the computer and find out!

BlackDog's Flash Simon Says Game
Don't miss this very cool version of Simon Says!  It's a Flash game and you'll love it.

The Matches Game
See if you can leave only one match.  Look out!  Blackdog is pretty good with this one too, so don't get discouraged!

BlackDog's Tetris Game
This is a javascript version of the classic game of Tetris.  You'll need either Netscape 4+ or Internet Explorer 4+ or the equivalent to play.

BlackDog's Time Clock Game
Learn to tell time with BlackDog's Time Clock.  Move the hands around to set the clock.  You'll need a Java-enabled web browser to play.

BlackDog's Clock Worksheets
Have some fun learning to tell time with all kinds of time worksheets.

Games and Fun Stuff for Tots BlackDog's Games and Fun Stuff for Little Kids! BlackDog's Games and Fun Stuff for the Younger Crowd

Learn manners with "Be Cool - Know the Rules."  (There's a quiz and a screen saver to match.)  Or, play "Catch That Mouse" game.  Maybe you'd like to see if you can do what Simon Says.  Don't forget to visit Aunt Jessie's farm to hear what the farm animals have to say.  Then play the color matching or shapes matching games.  Or, you can check out the wild animals, color in the coloring books, play with the refrigerator stickers, or draw on the Graffiti Wall.  Lots of fun for pre-school age kids.

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Crayon Alphabet courtesy of Phyllis's Backgrounds and Alphabets. Thanks!

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