BlackDog's Father's Day Fun & Games Happy Father's Day

BlackDog says, "Thanks for everything, Dad.  Enjoy your day!"
(Hint:  Father's Day is always the 3rd Sunday in June)

Games & Activities
Father's Day Word Games
Father's Day Word Search, Word Jumble, Hangman, and the Father's Day Crossword Puzzle are all here.

Play tic-tac-toe against the computer.  Beat the computer's bow tie and win.

The Father's Day Match Game
Guess what Dad got for Father's Day.  Ties, ties and more ties!  Try to match them all up to win the game.

Father's Day Stereograms
Check out BlackDog's cool Father's Day stereograms.  Can you see them?

Father's Day Quiz
Test your knowledge about Father's Day.  Play the Dad Quiz.

Catch That Baby
That baby is one slippery character!  No matter how hard to try to catch him with your mouse, he slips away.  Catch the baby and win.

The Baby Hunt Game
In this fun game, your mission is to find the baby lost in all of Dad's ties.
Father's Day Puzzles
Play BlackDog's Father's Day slide, drag & drop, and jigsaw puzzles.  There are also free jigsaws to download and play off-line.  Fun!

Father's Day Maze Games
Baby's pacifier is lost and the baby is NOT happy.  Help dad find baby's pacifier by finding your way through each of the Father's Day maze games.  There are five Java applet mazes to play on-line and another five mazes you can print out and play off-line.

Father's Day Pictures to Color
Print out and have fun coloring BlackDog's 12 different Father's Day coloring pages.

Father's Day Coupons
Sometimes it's hard to think of something special to give Dad on Father's Day.  Print out a coupon and make a promise to do something for that special person in your life.  Dad will love these cool promise coupons.

History of Father's Day
A brief look at how Father's Day got started.
Downloads & Free Stuff
Father's Day Awards - Email or Print
Make your Father, Grandfather, Step-Father, or someone you care about a special Father's Day Award.  It's easy.  All you have to do is fill in the blanks and click the button.  You can send it by email or print it out and give it in person.

Father's Day Screen Savers
BlackDog has three original Father's Day screen savers this year.  To download them, click here.  They work on Windows operating systems only.  Don't forget to come back and see the rest of the Father's Day fun at BlackDog.
Father's Day Desktop Wallpaper.
Decorate your computer screen for Father's Day with BlackDog's free Computer Desktop Wallpaper.  Installation instructions included.

Father's Day Jigsaw Puzzle Downloads
Father's Day free jigsaws to download and play off-line.  Fun!

Father's Day Electronic Postcards
Send Father's Day greetings with a free electronic postcard.  You have your choice of Animated or Non-animated cards.

Other Father's Day Sites
Links to other Father's Day sites for you to explore.

Father's Day Shop
Looking for the perfect Father's Day gift?  Check out BlackDog's Father's Day Shop.
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BlackDog says, "More coming soon!"
Stay Tuned.


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