Thanksgiving Fun and Games 
at BlackDogBlackDog's Thanksgiving Celebration
Thanksgiving is November 22nd.
Are you ready?

Games & Activities

A Thanksgiving Story - Starring You!
BlackDog's Thanksgiving Hangman Game
Thanksgiving Word Search Games
Thanksgiving Word Jumble
Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzle Game - It's a pumpkin!
Thanksgiving Secret Decoder Games

Thanksgiving Jokes & Riddles
Print/Play Turkey Tic Tac Toe
Drag/Drop Turkey Tic Tac Toe
Print/Play Pumpkin Tic Tac Toe
Drag/Drop Pumpkin Tic Tac Toe

Thanksgiving Bingo to Print & Play
Thanksgiving Turkey Mazes to Print & Play
BlackDog's Thanksgiving Coloring Book
Thanksgiving Nature Walk

The Turkey Match Game
Thanksgivng Stereograms
Take the Turkey Quiz - Fast Game
Create Thanksgiving Banners or Pictures

BlackDog's Thanksgiving Jigsaw Puzzles
Thanksgiving Slider, Drag & Drop, and Jigsaw Puzzles
BlackDog's Thanksgiving Jigsaw Puzzles to Download
(Free for your personal use.)

BlackDog's Turkey Time Clock
Find the Turkey in the Straw
BlackDog's Feed the Turkey Game - Fun!
The Turkey Shoot Game - Catch that Turkey!

Let's Eat!

Come to Dinner with BlackDog
The most fun at Thanksgiving is the feast.  Here are some terrific recipes for Thanksgiving dinner.  Eat hearty!

Download some cool placecards for your dinner, too.

Downloads & Free Stuff!

The Turkeygram Game
Download this fun game to play Tic Tac Turkey Toe, write some thank you letters, or print out a coloring book page.  You can even write a note to Tommy Turkey, and he'll write you right back.

Print and Play TicTacToe
Print out and play BlackDog's Thanksgiving TicTacToe games.  Choose either the Thanksgiving Turkey or the Pumpkin.  Have some fun coloring your game boards and playing with your family and friends.  There are drag/drop versions to play on-line, too.

BlackDog's Thanksgiving Glitters
Glittery Thanksgiving images for your webpages.  If you don't have a webpage, have a little fun dragging them around here.  Warning -- some of the images are very large, so if you don't have one of the super-fast connections, you'll sit around for a while waiting for them to load in your web browser.

Thanksgiving Electronic Postcards
Send Thanksgiving greetings to all your family and friends with a free electronic postcard. There are two types: Vintage cards and Cartoon cards. Enjoy!

Thanksgiving Screen Saver  Available now!
This Thanksgiving, there are five Thanksgiving screen savers.  New for 2006 - BlackDog's Thanksgiving Jokes and Riddles screensaver.  Plus, BlackDog's traditional "Bouncing Turkeys" has been updated.  The turkey still bounces, but now he's cubed and safe in a wheat field.  Also, check out BlackDog's "Scarecrows," "Antique Thanksgiving Postcards" plus "Wild Turkeys."  Find them all at Screen Saver Station's Holidays.  These screen savers are for Windows operating systems only.  Don't forget to come back and see the rest of the Thanksgiving fun at BlackDog.

Thanksgiving Computer Desktop Wallpaper.
Get in the mood for Thanksgiving by decorating your computer screen with BlackDog's free Computer Desktop Wallpaper!  BlackDog's even given you easy installation instructions.  Enjoy!


Other Thanksgiving Sites
There are some great sites on the internet for Thanksgiving.  Find out where to play more Thanksgiving games, grab some fun crafts, see some terrific clipart, and learn all about the holiday.

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