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I hate rules!  What's this all about?

People live in societies.
One of the first things we learn when we are young is that there are people all around us.  Unless you live all by yourself on an ice pack in the most remote region of Antarctica, that's true.  Even then, the odd (insanely lost) explorer might wander by on occasion.  If such an explorer should stop by, it would be nice if you offered your guest a drink of water and a bite to eat.  That's just polite.  Right?

People must learn to be social.
What this means is that we must learn to get along with other people.  (Life is much nicer when everyone uses manners and knows how to be polite.)  To make it easier for people to get along with each other, societies develop rules.  Sometimes rules are made into laws; sometimes not.  Non-law rules are commonly-accepted things that govern people's behavior toward one another.  Sometimes they're known as "manners."  Manners, etiquette, good behavior, rules - whatever you want to call it, it's just the right thing to do.

Who cares about manners?
Everybody.  Manners are nothing more than common sense things that make life easier -- and safer.  For example:  "Brush your teeth every day because people can tell when you don't."  Not only does brushing your teeth help you fit into society better because nobody likes to be around somebody with stinky breath (ever heard of "halitosis?"), but brushing your teeth also helps keep your teeth from rotting out.  (YECHHHH!)

So what's the deal?
Have a little fun learning some manners.  BlackDog has gathered a few cool Rules for you, and every time you come to this page, you'll see another one.  More will be added from time to time, so come back again soon to see what's new.  You can see all the rules so far by clicking this link, the Rule above, or the link below that says "See all the Rules."  Hey -- if there's someone in your life who has some problems with their manners, send BlackDog's Know the Rules to them!  (It's not anonymous, so BE NICE!)

What's your favorite rule?
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If you are having fun with these "Rules," you'll love BlackDog's Be Cool - Know the Rules Screen Saver.  "The Rules" fly in and out and explode all over your screen.  Very cool!

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