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FAQ (frequently asked questions):
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1.  "I received a postcard, but I can't get it.  It says 
    postcard not found."

    Answer #1:

    More than likely, you made a typographical error typing
    the postcard's web address into your web browser's address

    The best way to avoid that problem is to copy and paste the 
    address from your email rather than trying to re-type it.  

    Answer #2:

    The postcard data files are purged every 14 days.  If the card 
    you received was sent to you more than 14 days ago, it is no 
    longer available.

    Answer #3:

    If you are an AOL user:  You do not have to do a search for 
    your card.  You already know the web address as it was sent 
    to you in your notification email.  AOL's "keyword" search
    system will not work.

    NOTE:  "Web address" is the text in your notification 
       email that starts with "http://...."  That text goes 
       into the address line of your web browser.  A "web 
       browser" is the tool you use to look at web sites
       on the internet.

2.  "I sent a postcard, but the person I sent it to did not 
     get it."

    As long as you are typing in the recipient's correct 
    and complete email address (for example, 
    [email protected]), it's unlikely 
    you are doing anything wrong.  Neither are we.  The email 
    server is working properly on our end.  On occasion, when 
    a high volume of email is sent to BlackDog's email server 
    at the same exact same moment, messages might be lost.  
    However, that's highly unlikely.  Most of the time the 
    problem is on the recipient's end. 

    The big issue arises when the email address of the sender (in the email's 
    "From" line) is different from the name of the server the email is actually 
    coming from.  In that case, some email programs and service providers make 
    the assumption that message headers were forged by a spammer, and the 
    message is automatically dumped.  (We can't change that in the script used 
    for the cards and letters, either.  When we've tried it, we get hundreds 
    of emails from suspicious people wanting to know who we are and how we got 
    all that personal information about them.)

    Another problem might be that the recipient's email service provider (such 
    as AOL, MSN or Hotmail) might think that email generated by a script is 
    spam.  All of the cards and letters here are generated by a script of some 
    sort.  In that case, the service provider's spam filter catches those emails 
    (our emails), and puts them in the junk mail folder, or simply deletes them 
    automatically.  There's nothing we can do about that, but you could notify 
    the appropriate service provider that email coming from BlackDog is not spam.

3.  "I am having difficulty downloading my card.  My computer says
    'starting java' then it freezes."

    Make sure you have "java enabled" checked in your web browser's
    options.  In Netscape, this is found under 'Edit,' then 
    'Preferences,' then 'Advanced.'  In Internet Explorer, and 
    Firefox, this is found under 'View,' then 'Internet Options.'

    If this doesn't work, or if you don't have either Netscape, Firefox
    or Microsoft's Internet Explorer, download the latest full versions
    from following sources:

4.  "I don't hear any music when I get a postcard."

    Some web browser versions supplied by internet providers
    are incomplete.  Make sure you have a mime type of audio/midi
    setup under helper applications (Netscape).  Your best bet 
    is to download the latest full version of Netscape, Firefox or 
    Internet Explorer.  They are all free for download at the
    following addresses:

5.  "I get an 'Internal Server Error' message when I try to 
    send or pick up a postcard."

    No solution that we know of at this time.  This happens
    occasionally when the postcard server is very busy.  Wait
    for a few minutes or an hour and then try again.

    If it still doesn't work, please   
    email us.

    Alternative #1
    You will not be able to click on the email address above.
    It's an image.  You will need to type the email address.

6.  "Is there a charge for using the Postcards?"

    No.  This is a free service.  We make our money from 
    the banner ads at the top of the pages you visit on 
    BlackDog.  The banners are incredibly annoying, but 
    they pay the bills!  Donations are greatly appreciated.

7.  Do you give out email addresses?

    Absolutely not.  We do not save any email information.  
    It is not distributed to any person or entity other than
    the recipient of the postcard.  Email addresses are used 
    only to send postcards.  Also, we do not keep records of
    email addresses.  If you don't know the correct email 
    address of the person who sent you a card, we can't help
    you find it.

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